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No Punching Bag

Strapless Maxi Puff Dress

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Strapless Maxi Puff Dress

~ Ladies' Full-length

~ Sleeveless strapless dress

~ Comes with waist and waist belt

~ Made with real paper

Material ~ Newspapers and cotton

~ All prints handmade 

Colors ~ Black, grey, and white

~ Include these measurements at checkout

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hip   


This look is apart of our Fake News collection

The Fake News Collection was designed to bring awareness to fake news. We feel that the media needs people encouraging them to report factual information. We encourage fact checking everything. 

Fake News is toxic to society. Allowing fake news destroys unity in communities. The Press needs to remain and; or become a trusted source of information. 

Many Americans and other citizens all over the world are misled by false information.  We call it the "Battle of the Press" and the Internet.