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Rental - Geometric Sky Blue Three Piece Set

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Use our garments temporarily for photoshoots, events, special occasions, etc. Our versatile and stylish couture is perfect for taking your style to the next level.

Geometric Sky Blue Three Piece Set

~ Oversize crop top blazer bodysuit

~ Low waist geometric skirt

~ Color Blue 

~ Blue stiff material 

~ Self tie straps

~ Back zipper

~ Wipe down to clean

From our Rags to Riches Collection showcased on The Haus of Fashion Inc. Danville Fashion Week platform! This collection means so much to us...we wanted to showcase a collection that is inspired by the struggle of entrepreneurship and dreamers. Anyone who has ever had a dream may know the struggle and fight to continue on such a journey that can lead to success. A lot of us are on a journey of somewhat a Cinderella story but minus the prince.