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No Punching Bag

Skin tone face mask

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The skin tone design was created to normalize the appearance of the face masks. We were inspired to design a mask that speaks against the stereotypes of black men(black mask/robbery).

(For bulk orders please contact us)

Size: Height 6 inches and Width 10.5 inches

Polyester and cotton fabric is include in this mask. 

Polypropylene fabric is known to be Eco-friendly and have the following characteristics:

- Non Woven Fabric 

- Absorbency

- liquid repellent

- polyester fabric

- cotton

- softness

- strength

- flame retardant

- wash-ability (hand wash only)

- filtering

- bacterial barriers

- sterility

*No Punching Bag makes no medical claims. However, our team is constantly researching daily to provide the most effective mask to flatten the curve of Covid 19.