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No Punching Bag

Awareness Earrings

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Multi Color Awareness Earrings

No Punching Bag Wooden Awareness Earrings

These wooden earrings are our trademark logo for our brand. The logo says "No Punching Bag." No Punching Bag can mean a lot of things. Whatever your stance, it speaks volumes to the injustices of women, children, and people of color. I urge you to wear them with pride, because the words speaks for itself.


Small size ~ 1 in

Medium size ~ 1.5 in 

Large size ~ 2 in


Colors Meanings:

Black ~ Black Lives Matter  

Rainbow ~ L.G.B.T.Q.I.A

Orange ~ Gun Violence Awareness

Royal Blue ~ Anti-bullying, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking Awareness, Water Safety Awareness

Red ~ Heart Disease Awareness, Substance Abuse Awareness, and Women's Heart Health Awareness

Burgundy ~ Disable Adults Awareness

Purple ~ Domestic Violence Awareness, Elder Abuse Awareness, Homelessness Awareness and Drug Overdose Awareness

Yellow ~  Obesity Awareness and Suicide Prevention

Pink ~ Breast Cancer Awareness and Women's Health Awareness

Green ~ Global Warming, Kidney Disease Awareness, and Missing Children Awareness

Light Blue ~ Foster Care Awareness and Men's Health Awareness

Turquoise ~ Addiction Recovery Awareness

Teal ~ Rape Awareness, No Body Shaming Awareness, Military Sexual Assault Awareness, Social Anxiety Awareness, Women Murder by Domestic Violence Awareness , and Sexual Assault Awareness

Pink & Blue ~ Child Loss Awareness, Birth Defect Awareness, and Miscarriage Awareness